Joe Della

Joe Della is an interesting artist filled with magical ideas. He concedes that when he hears music he sees colors. He said it has something to do with being a genius; Something of that nature.

When you speak to him he speaks in a matter of fact way but still comes across as being sensitive and caring. He has a french accent, expresses himself with french humor and exudes charm. Perhaps this is typical for a prolific artist like himself.

He was born Joe Dadon in Morocco Africa of Berber decent. He attributes much of his art work and who he is to his culture of African Ancestry. His name Dadon derives from the Dunes but his artist name is Joe Della.

In his teens he lived in Lyon France where he would carry his brothers amplifier everywhere. When he speaks of this time in his life he chuckles and admits that his brother was an exceptional guitarist and he loved listening to him play. This set a fire for jazz music in his heart. This was the beginning. He was excited and exhilarated and later in life,  jazz would become his biggest inspiration.  

At 14 he attended the School of Fine Arts in Beaux, France where he started to paint. Since then, life’s journeys has led him to paint hundreds of pieces that has graced the walls of so many homes and establishments. He describes his art work as Abstract. We just call it amazing and stunning. He usually works with Acrylic and finds that the subject forms nicely with this medium. And so here we are captivated by this talented man.

For now  he resides in sunny California and enjoys listing to music, playing chess and spending time with his close friends.